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[alert-warning]IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ BEFORE BOOKING !!![/alert-warning]

If you are booking as a SINGLE FOLLOW then please email us FIRST to be put on waiting list to be matched up. We will email you as soon as a space becomes available and then book/pay using SECOND form  application below.

There are 5 classes on the day
Please pay for the number of classes you wish to attend
They are £12 for each class or you get a discount if you book all 5 (£50)

Please fill in the correct qty (1 to 4) in row one for 1 to 4 classes
fill in row 2 for ALL 5 classes

DO NOT FILL IN BOTH rows please! 🙂

Booking Form for Leads and Couples

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Booking Form for Single Follows ONLY

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