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From Facebook
I was a bit nervous going on my own but was made to feel at ease straight away. I had so much fun my jaw ached from smiling so much! Rob and Sarah were great and have a really fun teaching style. would definitely recommend to anyone
HB – Aug 2018

Some comments from FB about 2018 Weekender

Wow fabulous photos! And how lovely to see so many from the first AAS still there this weekend! Xx  
DL – Aug 2018

Looks fab and tasted delicious. Thanks x 
MJ – Aug 2018
(About the fantastic cake that has become a tradition in the last 3 years!)

Loved this. I looked like I had just stepped out of the shower afterwards.
MA – Aug 2018
(About the African Taster class that started off the weekend)

Here are a few of the many comments we received after previous events from attendees to AAS

Sorry, this is a little late, but I just wanted to thank you for organising ‘All about Swing’ festival, I had such a great time! I enjoyed learning some new fabulous moves in a friendly and welcoming environment; the event showed careful preparation and execution, your eye to detail is second to none! I am already looking forward to attending the next one and will also recommend to my friends in London. Thank you!

All About Swing “Dance”

Oh what a joy!!!!

Literally!!!……..from start to finish. From The minute I got there to the last track!!!

Amazing teachers!

Amazing music!

Amazing dancing!

So many special moments for so many people…………memories to last a lifetime

Congratulations Rob and Sarah, who you are and everything you stand for shone through the whole weekend…………Thank you xxxxxx

GROOVEY PEOPLE…….we were surrounded by groovy people! ❤❤❤

Let’s do it all again next year!

So today every part of my body aches … But you know what, I don’t care , because I have just had the Best time at All About Swings first ever weekender. Brillant workshop❤️fantastic teachers❤️super music ❤️wonderful dances, ❤️and a personalised water bottle ❤️which will have a permanent place in my dance bag . Rob Farley and Sarah Kelly you should be so proud of yourselves because what you created this weekend was truly magical xx — feeling happy.

Huge thanks to everyone who made All About Swing such a great weekend. We enjoyed all our classes and it was an added treat for me to partner Ryan Francois again for a couple of them. The socials were so much fun, with excellent bands and DJs and fab performances to boot. A lot of care had obviously gone into every aspect of the weekend and we really appreciated your hospitality Sarah Kelly and Rob Farley. You clearly have very good taste and very big hearts. We were left wanting more, and soon!

What a fantastic weekend, well done all about swing Rob Farley and Sarah Kelly, you did a brilliant job. Thanks to the Teachers, Bic Graham and Simone Brown, James Hamilton and Frankie Jaffrey. Ryan Francois and Loretta Manson, Markus Rosendal and Moe Sakan for the magnificent teaching. The DJ’s for the great music, the bands and if course lovely ladies who graced me with fabulous dancing.

Just back from a top weekend at All About Swing. We had a fantastic time but I’m absolutely ruined. Well done Rob and Sarah!!

August 21 at 12:12pm
That was a weekend I will never forget. The best tutors, the best dances and the best of friends. I tip my hat and bow my head with respect to the two who made it all happen. Rob Farley and Sarah Kelly. You two are AWESOME!!

Thanks Rob and Sarah for organising such an amazing weekend at All about Swing. you got things just perfect. From the venues to the little welcome gift to the world class teachers and the bands and performances and DJs and lastly and most importantly for creating an atmosphere where all kinds of dancers can feel at ease, thrive and grow.

Thank you very much for organizing this wonderful event! We both loved it very much as we found:

– Absolutely great teaching in our beginner/improver level; we felt we made significant progress and we learned that it does not need world famous stars to teach outstanding classes; even though the big name on your announcement had originally attracted us, we found that all of them were truly great!

– Good organization – not only did we always know where to be when, we could feel your love to the Swing community gathered – you were wonderful hosts – thank you so much!!!

– We got to know some great people! Who needs to worry about referendums when we can just come together and understand each other so well?

– The social dancing Saturday night was so much fun – partly just to watch the advanced dancers and teachers and then to participate a bit to see what we could do ourselves already.

We drew a lot of Lindy motivation from the event and will now try to get into the Snowball in December. We hope to see you again! Please do keep us on your events mailing list.

I can’t add anything about All About Swing weekend that hasn’t already been said. Besides dancing itself bringing such joy and freedom we had:

Top (& I mean WORLD CLASS) teachers/workshops (Ryan & Loretta, Bic & Simone, Markus & Moe, James & Frankie) fabulous social dances and music, BRILLIANT leads, wonderful friendly atmosphere, terrific people and LOTS of laughs! (with emphatic thanks Sarah & Rob for making this possible).

It’s just a little message to thank you both very much for organizing this amazing workshop. I completed the Feedback form yesterday so quickly since a class was about to begin, that I forgot to write in the positive note : It was really great, loads of fun  The music band playing both nights were fantastic ! I imagine the organisation for this workshop required a lot and a lot of work ; so many details like the water bottles with our names or even the flowers on the canteen table…

So thanks a lot ! If I’m still in the UK next summer and you organise another workshop, you can definitely count me in

What a fabulous weekend!! The first ever All About Swing weekend has been a huge success!

Well done & congratulations to Rob & Sarah, for being prepared to take a risk and create this fabulous event.

Similarly, a massive congratulations to all of the guys in the cabaret, especially if it was your first performance!

Special thanks to all of the teachers … Ryan, Markus, Moe, Bic, Simone, Frankie, James & Loretta , and not forgetting my number one DJ Mike.

But more than anything – thank you to good friends, new & old, for the dances, the laughter, the company and the complete feeling of joy that this weekend has created xxx

This was from Simone & Bic (two of the excellent teachers at the event) –

Finally finding a moment to reflect on the fabulous weekend that was ‘All About Swing’. Huge congratulations to our dear friends Rob Farley & Sarah Kelly for creating such a heartfelt event with such attention to detail. The friendly atmosphere you created at the camp was lovely.

Bic & I had a great time teaching and it was an honour to assist the one and only Ryan Francois in some of his classes too. Thank you for inviting our troupe to perform and be a part of your weekend, it was really special for us to have them there.

Looking forward to All About Swing Weekender already 🙂