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Lindy Hop for All Abilities...

We have classes held at four different stream levels. So no matter what your current dance ability is, we will be able to find a class to suit you. Here is a guide to help you find the class you should be in.

Lindy Hop DancingEntrants need to have a grasp of basic 6 and 8 count rhythms and have had some light experience on the social dance floor.

Lindy Hop actionAt this level participants will have good understanding of 6 and 8 count moves and rhythms. Be comfortable on the social dance floor and with differing tempos of music.

lindy hop dancersThis is very much a level for students who are stretching into variations and musicality. They should be adept at all fundamental moves and be able to take them apart to examine the physicality of each motion. Socially they are able to dance with many levels and to adapt to a changing floor with good floor craft. A level for someone not quite ready to step into advanced but are almost there.

aas-headerStudents need to be able to adapt to changing tempos, rhythms and counts. They should be comfortable with a variety of variations on the social dance floor and be able to adapt to all levels of social dancer. At this level we would expect people to be comfortable learning at a faster pace and be willing to embrace difficult concepts. Here you are ready to step well out of your comfort zone.